Under pressure

Putting workers under pressure is not for pussies!
Every director knows that there are circumstances where even the best and most diligent employees have to be put under pressure. A wise director knows that pressure must be applied in a way that no one can understand - that is, pressing should be interpreted as pure joy and favour.
Mister Myshkin is a great pressure specialist - he calculated that the most humane and effective way to get all the work done on time is to add about 6-7 kilos of cat weight to the top of the working persona. The task will be carried out in especially exquisite manner, when you purr-murr some fairy tales while pressuring - the humanoid is firmly in place and gives more than she herselfcould even ever expect.
That kind of finely calculated pressuring will not break any bones or wills and respected director can safely take a nap while carring out all the hard directorial tasks.
Mr. Director is pleased and the humanoid remains nicely chill and motivated.

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